PS5 or Xbox Series X and Series S ? Which will you rent in 2020 ?

A piece of overhyped news, everywhere, you open the news section and you see always PS5 or Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S ?
As part of the event rental business in Saudi Arabia, we always try to cope up with the needs for rental, and gaming rental is also one of the most important part of our side, because in events, for recreation, gaming is the best option overall to focus.

This has been a long time coming, but we are delighted to announce that we are also waiting to buy the consoles and games to provide rental for our clients. Yes, rental!  This really is a big deal for us as we wanted to be sure that we could offer a great value route into the next generation of games for the next generation of gamers.  In the coming days, we can rent a fantastic PS5 or Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console for just 350 SR.

You see, I was young once (no, really) so we know that young people that have a big pressure on their income and lots of things that they want to do with it. Plenty of time on my hands but not as much money; paying rent, learning to drive, wanting to party at weekends, wanting to change mobile phone every two years… It all takes a toll on the pocket, which means that getting 2000 - 4000 sr together to get a next-gen console isn’t exactly easy.  If this sounds familiar then we really think that our gaming console rental is the perfect solution – will be available in black or white (while stocks last), with controllers too.  For gamers who want to plug in and play, we can offer games that will be available.