Creating event rentals connection in virtual events

Some times the readers can say this is clickbait, but no it isn't. lets clear it off in the air, on virtual events now holding through zoom, google meetings, and others, how can event and party rentals company be benefitted with it?


Of course, nowadays people are going to considering cost consumption, but to present a proper virtual event, you need to have a proper setup. especially for the presenter itself. 



Admit it, our new reality of living in the new online world can seem cold and mechanical, even distant. No matter how lively the Zoom meeting, how dazzling the immersive and interactive visual experiences maybe, a simulated, virtual scenario often doesn’t deliver the same emotional connectivity to all our real-world experiences. It is, after all, an imitation of life. And most of us, by our very nature, covet relationships and interactions with others, to recognize ourselves in them and remind us we are alive.


In a 2018 interview with Forbes, Eventbrite CEO and co-founder Julia Hartz shared her thoughts on the power of human connection and experience. 


"The desire to gather with others in flesh and blood lives in all of us. Not simply to claim we were present in life, but truly connect through a shared live experience. Events aren’t just for attending. They exist to fulfill a desire to leave different from when we walked in: to be smarter, wiser, happier, more engaged, more excited, more thoughtful, more in touch with yourself, with your community, with the world.”


Giving people that connection and experience are exactly why event producers do what they do—with all the staging and visually charged presentations, LED screens and DJs, pyro, and fanfare, it really is just all about people. And you are making memories. Simple as that.

But with events going virtual for the foreseeable future because of COVID-19, there’s an important issue we need to address: How do we rent our inventory to the people hosting virtual events?


It’s our responsibility as event professionals and program producers to innovate and adapt right now in order to continue delivering meaningful experiences. Example: managing the presenter's appearance with seating arrangement, lighting could be essential and also with renting out filming equipment to make a virtual event success. Its always necessary to have a different layout tried on virtual. Here, we as event rentals company comes in to suggest and support the virtual event scene.